About bank

Meet bright banking

Our experience and your trust make us one of the strongest banks in Azerbaijan!
Our mission

We contribute to the success of communities by creating digital ecosystems and platforms.

Our vision

We help the people of Azerbaijan to achieve more by refreshing their banking experience.

Put customers first

One of our main tasks is to try to understand the clients’ expectations and needs as much as possible, and exceed them.

Serve with heart

New brand, new we! We take innovations with warmth, understand new values, and manage to convey these emotions to the client by promoting the brand. We strive to turn every minute spent in the bank into a new positive experience for our customers.

Find solutions

We do not bypass difficulties, but take the initiative and bring our own contribution to the results. With us, every client will always find answers to questions and solutions to his or her problem.

Keep it simple

Our main goal is to build a trusting relationship with each client, “to speak their language.” For us, every client’s time matters, and we try our best to provide fast service.

Work with a smile

And most importantly, we do not forget to smile and give more place for positiveness in the work process. We spread a positive mood and a friendly atmosphere for our clients.

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