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Audit committee

Chairman of the Audit Committee: Thomas Enqelhard

Committee members:

  • Yusif Abdullayev
  • Jalal Hajibeyov

Risk management committee

Chairman of the Committee: Andrew Pospielovsky 

Committee members:

  • Emil Dushdurov  
  • Natig Mirzayev  
  • Nuralam Safarov
  • Kamran Heydarov

The Risk Management Committee is a collegial body operating in the Bank to improve management, risk management and risk control.

The Committee evaluates the Bank’s strategy and policy in the field of risk management, determines the appropriate methods and tools for identifying and assessing risks, as well as determining the frequency of their implementation, tracking detected and estimated risks for its strategy and policy management strategy, submitting it to the Supervisory Board for consideration and approval, submission to the Supervisory Board of reports on the Bank's periodic risks, the adequacy of the risk management system and the risk management process, as well as other obligations nnosti defined in the legislation and internal documents of the Risk Management

Remuneration committee 

Chairman of the Committee: Marina Kulishova 
Members of the Committee:

  • Anar Hasanov
  • Gunay Jalilova

The Committee is a collegial structural unit authorized to develop a remuneration policy in the Bank, monitor the remuneration process and make proposals regarding the amount of remuneration.

The principles of the Bank's Remuneration Committee are as follows:

  • Independence — Committee members should be completely independent in the decision-making process and should not be subject to external influence;
  • Professionalism — Committee members must conduct a thorough and detailed assessment of remuneration, and decisions should be made only on the basis of reasonable evidence;
  • Transparency and collegiality — decisions should be made as a result of open and transparent discussions between all members of the Committee;
  • Risk Result — The Committee members must be sure that their decisions comply with the Bank's risk policy.

Assets and liabilities management committee

Chairman of the Committee: Emil Dushdurov 
Members of the Committee:

  • Anar Hasanov / CEO
  • Elshan Pirmaliyev / Business Banking
  • Gunay Jalilova / Growth
  • Farida Pirverdiyeva / Advisor to CEO
  • Bahruz Nadirov / Head of Treasury
  • Nuralam Safarov / Head of Risk Management
  • Parvin Humbatov / Deputy Director, Finance Department

The Asset and Liability Management Committee is a collegial body that has the goal of achieving effective management in the Bank in order to maximize profitability and manage the risks associated with assets and liabilities.

The Committee makes decisions on the general and individual areas of asset and liability management, monitors the implementation of decisions and submits proposals to the Supervisory Board within its powers.

The Committee's functions include participating in the development of all processes related to the management of the Bank’s assets and liabilities, increasing the return on assets within the maximum acceptable risk levels approved by the Supervisory Board, submitting analysis and forecasting liquidity for approval, as well as other obligations defined by law and internal documents.

Committee on Information Technology

Member of the Committee:

  • Emil Dushdurov 
  • Teymur Rahimov 

The Committee supervises and directs the Bank's implementation of its information technology strategy, the purpose of which is to become one of the technological leaders in the financial market of the Republic of Azerbaijan and provide high-quality banking and financial services.

The Committee performs the following functions to achieve its stated goals:

  • Definition of the Bank's policy in the field of information technology
  • Making decisions regarding the development of information technology within its competence
  • IT procurement planning and decision making
  • Analysis of costs associated with IT and communications, performance evaluation
  • Evaluation and approval of proposals for improving the work of IT in the Bank.
  • Strategic Management Section

Loan committee

Chairman of the Committee: Anar Hasanov
Members of the Committee:

  • Elshan Pirmaliyev
  • Natiq Mirzoyev 

Manages credit risks in accordance with the credit policy of the Bank, makes decisions on granting loans and changing loan conditions.

Small loan committee

Chairman of the Committee: Ibrahim Guliyev
Members of the Committee:

  • Mirzagha Ahmedov 
  • Samir Afandiyev
  • Emin Babayev

The Small Credit Committee is a permanent collegial body that makes decisions on loans within its authority.

The Committee's powers include consideration of the issue of issuing standard loans to Bank customers within its limits and making decisions, making decisions on restructuring and amending existing loans, reviewing the results of extraordinary monitoring of the loan portfolio, as well as other obligations defined by law and internal documents.

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