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One of the most popular projects in recent years, VAT refund, is now active for Yelo App users. Just as you've earned cashback on every purchase you make with the Yelo card, you'll now earn even more with the VAT interest you'll get back.

To use the VAT refund functionality, it is important that you first update the Yelo App. Then repeat the following steps:

  • On the main page of the Yelo App, go to the “Extras” menu,
  • Go to the "Reclaim VAT" attachment,
  • Sign up by entering the Finnish code of the SHV and your contact number,
  • Enter the password sent by SMS,
  • Here, your "VAT refund" cabinet is active!

Here you can check the status of your receipts by scanning the QR code and entering your Fiscal ID. VAT rates are reflected in the status of "confirmed", "pending" and "cancelled". To add a new receipt, click the "Scan Receipt" button, scan the QR code, or enter your Fiscal ID manually. Confirmed funds are transferred to the Yelo Bank card on the portal. It should be noted that the transfer of VAT interest to Yelo Bank cards is commission-free.

To download the Yelo mobile app:

If you have additional questions, you can contact 981.

Yelobank mobile application