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Make a payment with your Yelo Mastercard card using Apple Pay and earn 15 AZN!

Yelo Bank's campaign for Mastercard users continues. Within the campaign, it is possible to earn 15 AZN cashback after making 3 Apple Pay payments with Yelo Mastercard card. The campaign applies to Yelo Mastercard cards with AZN currency. The card must be newly connected to the Apple Pay service and at least 3 Apple Pay payments must be made with that card. The first 1000 customers who follow the conditions correctly will get 15 AZN cashback. There is no limit to the amount of payment to join the campaign.

Note that customers who have already added their Yelo card to Apple Pay cannot participate in the campaign by adding their new card. The campaign also does not apply to cards already connected to Apple Pay but not paid for. Each customer can win 15 AZN only once.

Along with this campaign, Yelo card holders will continue to enjoy cashbacks and discounts offered by the Bank as usual. If you don't have a Yelo card, you can order online:

Do you have additional questions about banking services, as well as ordering a free card? Then call 981 or write to our Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp accounts.

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