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The first iftar in the native land in 30 years

Yelo Bank held a social action with the joint organization of "ASAN service" and the support of the special representation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the territories freed from occupation included in the Karabakh economic region (except Shusha region). On the occasion of Ramadan holiday, holiday gifts were distributed to the residents of Talish village of Tartar. The first iftar table was opened after the occupation in the action carried out with the support of the Reconstruction, Construction and Management Service in the Karabakh Economic Region. The goal is to restore our national and moral values ​​in the territories that are the historical land of Azerbaijan, to bring joy to our citizens who have returned to their native lands.

It should be noted that the village of Talish was liberated by our brave army on October 3, 2020. So far, 20 families with more than 90 people have returned to the village.

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