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Don't delay your business plans by using Yelo Bank's credit cards

An instant business opportunity is inevitable. However, the necessary funding to take advantage of this opportunity may not be available at that time. Considering this point, Yelo Bank offers an excellent solution for entrepreneurs if they need an urgent business loan - a business credit card!

You can use the credit card frequently and pay it back in installments when your business needs money urgently. What are the other benefits of this card?

·       Interest is calculated only on the amount used. That is, unless the credit card is used, no interest is charged.
·       No guarantor or collateral is required to obtain a credit card.
·       Funds paid to the credit card can be reused.
·       Cashing out from Yelo and Azerpocht ATMs is free.
·       No clearance commission.

The multifunctional Yelo Business App will always be with you to control your expenses 24/7. In this application, it is possible to conveniently monitor and pay loans, taxes and other payments, make domestic transfers and currency exchange with a few clicks.

Yelo Bank is always ready to support your business! To get benefits, order a business credit card online without visiting a branch: 

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