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Security Rules

Get familiar with the security rules of Yelo Bank for the protection of card information and safeguard yourself from fraudsters. Remember that the security of your bank card is primarily in your hands.

  • Do not share your 16-digit card number, PIN code, CVV code, or the 3D code sent via SMS with anyone.
  • When you set a PIN code for a card, we recommend you not to use easily guessable number combinations (1234, 0000, etc.), the end of your mobile number, your birth date, etc.
  • Do not keep the card's PIN code in places that are easily accessible.
  • Do not let others see your PIN code when entering it, do not give your card to strangers.
  • Do not send a picture of the front and back side of the card to anyone.
  • Do not enter card data on suspicious websites.
  • Set a daily withdrawal limit in the Yelo App to minimize fraud risks.
  • Treat your card as you treat cash, do not keep it in places where it could easily be lost.
  • If the card is lost, immediately contact the bank (tel: 981) and block the card via the Yelo App.

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