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Yelo Bank supports entrepreneurship in the regions!

Adhering to its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, Yelo Bank continues to support vulnerable population groups. Last week, the Bank fulfilled the personal business dreams of low-income families in different regions within the framework of the Self-Employment project.

Thus, the Bank presented Hasanov Aladdin, a resident of Agdam, who is passionate about tailoring, but has limited financial means, all the necessary equipment for a small tailor shop. The next citizen that Yelo Bank supports is Samad Orujov, who lives in Agjabedi. He also always wanted to do car cleaning service. With the support of the bank, he will start his own business on this service. Dilara Abdullayeva, who lives in Salyan, is one of the next entrepreneurs supported by the Bank. By providing all the necessary equipment for the production of flour products, the bank enabled Mrs. Dilara to establish her own business. Thus, Yelo Bank continues to contribute to the development of women's entrepreneurship in the country.

It should be noted that Yelo Bank participates in the current project based on the memorandum of cooperation signed between the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan Banks Association. According to the conditions of the social program, citizens who want to engage in private entrepreneurship and belong to vulnerable groups are provided with production or service equipment free of charge. The goal is to support those people to establish small family businesses or to develop their existing businesses. Yelo Bank will support several more citizens until the end of this year.

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