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Yelo Bank suggests its deposit boxes for your valuable belongings

At Yelo Bank, you have a safe, secure and affordable place to store your belongings! The bank offers deposit boxes that you can rent for up to 12 months. The boxes are protected by permanent professional security, alarm and fire safety system. Boxes come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, and rates vary by box size and rental period.

Please note that deposit boxes are for safe storage of especially important documents, gold, money and other items that you keep in your apartment. The information in the boxes is kept completely confidential.

Using Yelo Bank's deposit boxes is a reliable and suitable decision. To benefit from the service, you can apply to the Central branch of Yelo Bank located at 102 Shamsi Badalbeyli Street. For more details:

Do you have additional questions about the deposit calculator? Then call 981 or write to our Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp accounts.

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