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New opportunity in the Yelo mobile application for business owners

Yelo Bank continues to improve the functionality of its mobile application. This time, important innovations have been introduced in the business account of the application. Thus, in addition to entrepreneurs, legal entities will be able to register in the mobile application. In addition, the following services are already active in the application:

•    Transfers between accounts
•    Intra-bank transfers
•    Domestic transfers
•    Budget payments
•    VAT payments
•    Conversion

Innovations do not end there. The "Signatures" menu has been added to the Yelo business application. Thanks to this addition, customers can track all their payments and sign the necessary ones. It should be noted that in order to benefit from the aforementioned functionalities, you need to log in wth ASAN Signature to the Yelo business application and transfers must be confirmed with ASAN Signature.

Thanks to the Yelo mobile application, built on the basis of the most modern technological solutions of the bank, it is possible to take advantage of banking services offered in branches remotely and securely, 24/7. In the near future, several more functionalities are expected to be added to the application for the convenience of customers. You can also download Yelo's brilliant application and take full advantage of its benefits: 

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