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Di-vi-de your online purchases with Yelo instalment card!

The advantage of the Yelo credit card is not limited to the installment functionality. It also gives the card users the opportunity to repay the spent funds up to 70 days without additional commission. Having this card with 70/24 benefits, you can enjoy a brilliant shopping experience!

Order without visiting the branch and get a Yelo credit card with free delivery:  

Do you have additional questions about banking services (installment card order, online loan, etc.)? Then call 981 or write to our Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp accounts. Yelo Bank has been at the service of customers with 17 branches and 1 self-service center since 25.02.1994 on the basis of license No. 203 of the Central Bank of AR. Address: Hasan bey Zardabi Ave. 81 K, Tel: 981

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