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"Cash by code" service in the Yelo mobile application

Yelo Bank launched the "Cash by Code" service for mobile application users. Via this service, it is possible to conveniently and safely withdraw money from Yelo ATMs without a physical card in emergency situations. For this, you need to select the desired amount of funds in the application and enter the given 10-digit code at the ATM.

It is also possible to send money to people without a card through "Cash by Code"! For this, you need to use the "Send to a friend" option in the "Cash by Code" menu in the application. At this time, the first 5 digits of the ten-digit code will be reflected in the application, and the next 5 digits will be sent to the other party's number via SMS. You can deliver the first part of the code by any means. The other party, in turn, will be able to enter the code sequentially at Yelo ATMs and withdraw funds. It should be noted that with this service it is possible to cash only the amount ending with the number 0 (eg: 10, 50, 150, etc.). The code provided for cashing out is valid for 24 hours.

You can enjoy these and other great features 24/7 by downloading the Yelo mobile app: 

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