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The first credit card for farmers from Yelo Bank

Another innovation from Yelo Bank, which always considers customer needs! This time, the bank presents the country's first agro credit card product for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in agriculture. With both credit and debit card functionality, this product has the following benefits:

•    Loan amount: up to 5000 AZN
•    Credit line duration: 24 months
•    Grace period: up to 12 months
•    The opportunity to reuse the credit line
•    Flexible clearance process
•    No clearance commission

The grace period, which is the main advantage of the card, applies to all funds cashed with the card, that is, a grace period of up to 12 months will be applied for any transaction of any amount cashed with this card.

The brilliant Yelo App is also at your service 24/7 to keep track of your expenses and loan payments. Note that the agro credit card is free. Cashing by card from Yelo Bank ATMs and offices, as well as from Azerpoct ATMs, is commission-free.

Yelo Bank, which has been digitized rapidly in recent years, will soon introduce new products for business owners and further improve a number of services. You can get the country's first agro credit card by ordering online: 

Do you have additional questions about banking services as well as micro business loans? Then call 981 or write to our Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp accounts.

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