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Keep your card data safe with the Yelo App

With the increase in digital payments in our country, fraud cases are also expanding. In the majority of cases, scammers call or text personal phone numbers. They often represent themselves as bank employees. Yelo Bank again reminds its customers of the points they should pay attention to for their financial security:

- Do not tell the numbers, expiration date and CVV code on your card in calls from unknown numbers.

- Do not click on links in suspicious messages sent by SMS, e-mail or messenger,

- Do not share one-time passwords (OTP) sent by SMS with anyone,

- In case of doubt, immediately contact the mobile number on your bank card,

- Download the Yelo App on your smartphone for the security of your card.

It is very easy to manage the card with the Yelo App attributing to its convenient interface and flexibility. Thus, with Yelo App, you can change card limits with one touch. If your card is lost or stolen, you can block your card in the Yelo App. It is possible to unblock the card, set a new PIN code in the application if the PIN code is forgotten, and cancel wrong attempts with a couple of clicks.

Given the prevalence of digital payment fraud, you can immediately cancel online payment limits in case of doubt. Owing to push notification, you will also be informed immediately about income and expenditure on the card. Note that you can also activate the SMS notification service in the Yelo App.

Yelo Bank calls once again to be careful against fraudsters and not to disclose card information to outsiders under any circumstances. Remember that the security of your banking information depends primarily on you. And to manage your budget 24/7, download the Yelo App:

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