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Yelo IT Lab interview

Even without prior experience with Yelo Bank, we continue to discover talented young individuals and guide them as beacons on their career paths. The Yelo IT Lab program we launched last year received a lot of attention from young people aspiring to build a career in the IT field. Selected participants not only gained insights into the depths of the IT field at our Bank but also gained practical experience. The majority of participants even received job offers before the program's conclusion. This is something we are very proud of! Two graduates were even hired at Yelo. Let's get to know them better: Abuzar Karimzade and Aysu Tagizade.

+ Abuzar and Aysu, we greet both of you. It's been a few months since the conclusion of the Yelo IT Lab program. What has changed in your life since then?

- Abuzar: Hello, the IT Lab added new connections to our lives, and that was the biggest change. What we learned later had a positive impact on our personal development and even our personal projects. The Yelo IT Lab has been over for a few months, but we haven't finished exploring the materials given to us yet. 

- Aysu: Yelo IT Lab created a career opportunity for me. My first job is at Yelo Bank. The program gave me a chance to apply what I learned here and provided the opportunity to learn and develop further.

+ Why did you want to participate in the Yelo IT Lab program? What were your motivations?

- Abuzar: The main goal was to acquire new skills and see the planning of real projects. However, the IT Lab promised much more. New friends and healthy competition better prepared us for the working environment.

- Aysu: Like every student studying IT, I also wanted to gain experience. This program was an invaluable opportunity for me. Because it's quite challenging to find a program that both starts from scratch and provides job opportunities. I'm thankful to myself for successfully completing the program. 

+ Being a member of the vibrant Yelo team, how does it feel? How do you remember your first day at work?

- Abuzar: Being a part of the Yelo team is interesting. Being here and being a part of this team is great. Especially, the positive energy I received on my first day motivated me even more. My first day was more about getting acquainted with the team, and I was introduced to the majority of the team and the office. The support of our senior specialist on the first day was especially great.

- Aysu: It was my first experience, and although I was very excited, seeing the warm attitude and friendliness of the team lessened my excitement significantly. \

+ This question is especially for Aysu, but Abuzar, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts too: In the IT field, unfortunately, the number of women is fewer compared to men. Why do you think women are a bit distant from the IT field?

- Aysu: Unfortunately, in the past, professions were divided into "women's jobs" and "men's jobs." The idea that IT was not for women was formed. Fortunately, now that idea is breaking, and women are becoming more interested in this field, and the number of professional female IT specialists is increasing.

- Abuzar: The fact that women are distant from this field is unfortunate. Whether it's in the workplace or the academic environment, there are many successful women, and I think this should motivate others.

+ In your opinion, what qualities are necessary to be successful in the IT field?

- Abuzar: The IT field requires constant development. Especially for those who are not interested in this field, it is very challenging to succeed. This field may seem easy from the outside, but spending time and learning tirelessly is essential. As I mentioned, if one has an interest, learning doesn't feel exhausting.

- Aysu: To succeed not only in the IT field but also in other fields, I think it's important to start with self-development. In my opinion, if someone stays in the same position and does the same job for 2 years, their development stagnates, and as a result, they'll get tired of their work quickly, and the demand for them will decrease.

+ What advice would you give to your fellow students who want to build a career in the IT field?

- Abuzar: If there are those among them who have a different academic background, they shouldn't hesitate. They are at the beginning of a great path. This field is mainly learned through self-study. They just need to believe in themselves and use their time wisely. They should choose the IT direction that suits them and not hesitate to approach experienced professionals for information. I wish them all success...

- Aysu: I agree with what Abuzar said. It's necessary to constantly research and learn. If there's an opportunity like the IT Lab program, they shouldn't miss it and actively participate.

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