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The next guest of our #YeloHobby rubric

We continue to highlight the talents of our brilliant colleagues. This time, the guest of our #YeloHobby segment is Nigar Ibadzade, the Director of the Human Capital Management Department. It turns out that Nigar not only understands people and their potential well but also possesses a great creative potential herself. She creates incredibly beautiful paintings. We couldn't ignore this fact. As a result, we had an interesting conversation with our colleague. We would like to share it with all of you:

- Ms. Nigar, do you paint with oil paint technique?

Yes, I love painting and I use oil paint on canvas. I prefer to take the main colors and create a new and unique palette for each painting. I don't like to use pre-made colors. I mix a base of 5 colors and get "my" colors; I enjoy the process of color blending.

- Do you have a specific artist or style that inspires you while creating your paintings?

To be honest, I don't have a specific, dedicated idol whose style I stick to. As it seems, I simply enjoy the process. I experiment with different painting techniques and apply my own rules to them based on the current feelings. I like experimenting: with some special brushes, or soft brushes, with different colors, and so on.

- Where did your passion for painting originate from?

Since childhood, even when I first held a pen, I felt how my hands itched, there was a great excitement. Unfortunately, my childhood coincided with the period of collapse in our country, and therefore, at that time, there was no time for brushes and paints.

- So, it appears that you are manifesting your childhood desire now?

Perhaps. :) I started painting in 2018 and was very lucky with my first teacher. She learned to paint without any professional support, and she also taught me. It was incredibly inspiring. My goal was not to learn academically, but to beautifully paint from the heart. Most importantly, she didn't interfere with my artwork. She understood me well and directed me correctly. She also helped me overcome the "white canvas fear". This fear is a condition where beginner, inexperienced artists don't know where and how to start a painting and often face it. However, circumstances led to her moving away, and after that, I didn't attend any other courses. Now I only paint at home.

- What inspires you to paint? How do you decide what to paint on a given day?

Before starting the process, I search for ideas to paint. Everything inspires me: for example, a beautiful bouquet that I accidentally saw on Instagram. I liked the colors and the composition itself - that's enough for me to start working on the image. Of course, I'm still copying finished photos and paintings. In the future, with sufficient experience, I believe I'll start creating images directly from my imagination.

- How much time does it take to complete a painting?

There's no exact time, and a lot depends on various nuances of the painting I'm working on. Some paintings can be finished in 2-3 days. But there are also those that have been unfinished for several months. The reasons are different: sometimes it's a matter of time, and sometimes it's simply due to a lack of inspiration.

- You mentioned the feeling of lack of inspiration, how do you deal with it in such situations? Have you found that painting in nature is easier for you, for example?

Definitely. Sometimes, when I go out of the city, especially to places like Nabran, I'm impressed by the unique landscapes, forests, and beautiful sunsets. Every time I tell myself that I will definitely come here with my canvas and brush, but until now, I haven't had the chance due to family circumstances. However, my main source of inspiration is not only nature but also the process of planning what to paint. For me, it's a kind of meditation.

- Ms. Nigar, thank you for an interesting conversation and sharing your feelings with us. Finally, I would like to ask, what advice can you give to other colleagues who are interested in painting? They have the desire but can't dedicate time due to work schedule or other similar reasons. Where should they start?

As the Director of HCM, I recently supported the implementation of a painting project to combat stress in our bank's work environment. Colleagues who wanted to paint simply created their own paintings with the supervision of professional artists. I think the key is not to be afraid and take the first step towards the desire to paint.

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