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With the multifunctional Yelo card, you will receive not only interest income on card balance but also cashback for each payment and other benefits.

  • Currency: AZN / USD / EUR

  • Duration: 1 year/3 years

  • 4% (AZN) per annum to card account balance

  • Cashback up to 30% from partners

  • 0.5% cashback anywhere in the country

  • Fee-free withdrawal at ATMs of Yelo Bank

  • Price: 1 year - 10 AZN / 3 years - 15 AZN (Possibility to get for free)

You can get a free card for 3 years by making an initial payment of 300 AZN / 300 USD / 300 EUR!

The card will stand out among others not only with its vertical form but also with the color of the edge. Soon you will love this card even more.

How can I order a card?

There are several ways to order a payment card:

  • Order online through the site
  • Order through Yelo Mobile App
  • Contact the information center (981)
  • Come to the branch

How can I top up my card balance?

It is possible to increase the card balance in the following ways:

  • Via Yelo Mobile App
  • Via Internet Banking service
  • From the terminal (E-manat, Million, Easy Pay)
  • Online (,
  • Come to the branch

How can I setup to the SMS notification service?

You have to enter the card into the ATM, click "Services" in the main menu, and from there go to the "SMS NOTIFICATIONS" section. After entering the mobile phone number twice, you will receive an SMS to connect to the service.
Note: monthly usage fee - 1.20 AZN

What is 3D Secure code?

3D Secure is a technology that helps protect you from fraud and secure online payments. New Yelo cards that are issued to customers are automatically connected to the 3D Secure service, and the 3D code is sent to the cardholder without connecting to the SMS notification service. When making online purchases, an online store that supports 3D Secure will ask you to enter a code sent as an SMS message to the buyer's mobile phone. The service is free. The daily transaction limit without 3D on sites that support 3D secure is applied in accordance with the current bank tariffs.

How can I get a card account statement?

An extract from the card is available in the following form:

  • From Yelo mobile app
  • Through ATM
  • Come to the branch

How can I view and change my card limits?

To track and change the existing limits on the card, you need to use the Yelo Mobile App or come to the branch.

What are the limits on the card?

To make card transactions more secure, the bank imposes limits on transactions. Limits take the following forms:

  • Cash limit at ATMs and POS-terminals
  • Card income limit
  • Limit applied to POS-terminal payments (contact and non-contact) * Limit applied to online payments
  • Card to Card limit

Taking into account the higher risk of fraud in the countries included in the risk zone in the current tariffs of the bank, the bank has applied lower limits for transactions with payment cards in those countries.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If the payment card is lost or stolen, we recommend that the card be blocked for your security and convenience. The card can be blocked in the following ways:

  • From the Yelo mobile application
  • By contacting the information center (981)
  • Approaching the branch

By contacting Azericard Customer Service Center operating 24/7 (194; for international calls only: +99450 225 28 00)
If a lost or stolen card is blocked, but transactions are made on that card, the funds can be returned to the bank by applying to the Chargeback service to investigate the matter and prove its veracity.

I entered my PIN code 3 times in error and my card was blocked. What should I do?

If the card is blocked due to incorrect entry of PIN code 3 times, it is possible to unblock it by the following methods:

  • By contacting the information center (981)
  • Approaching the branch
  • By contacting Azericard Customer Service Center operating 24/7 (194; for international calls only: 012 598 46 97)

If you have completely forgotten the PIN code of the card, then you can go to the branch and use the bank's PIN Reset service (service fee is 3 AZN).

I called the Information Center and they asked me to provide the keyword. What does the keyword mean?

The keyword is assigned to provide information when contacting the information center. When contacting the Information Center (981) or Azericard Customer Service Center (194; 012 598 46 97), which operates 24/7, you can get information on the card by providing the keyword.

What is a surcharge fee?

An additional commission that can be applied by the other party in addition to the existing commission of the bank to which the card belongs is called a surcharge. For example, if cashing from a card belonging to Yelo Bank at Azericard foreign and domestic ATMs is 2% (min. 3 AZN / USD /EUR) according to the bank's tariffs, the bank to which the ATM belongs may also charge an additional commission for cashing from the customer. The surcharge commission charged by another bank is a surcharge commission. If a surcharge commission is applied, the customer is notified.

What is an authorization code?

Authorization code is a unique code that identifies each transaction on a payment card. This code is reflected in the receipt in the form of 6 characters.

What is cashback?

Cashback is the return of a part of the amount to the account during payments made by payment card in stores inside and outside the partner network.

Cashback offers

Can I pay in euro with my dollar card?

Yes, but in this case, you will have to pay the conversion fee specified in the current tariffs of the bank. You can also get a euro currency card from Yelo Bank to make payments in the euro currency. In this case, no conversion fee will be charged from your card

I forgot the PIN code of my card. What should I do in this case?

You can use the PIN Reset service at the POS-terminal of any branch to set the PIN code. Using the PIN Reset service is as follows:

  • A special application form is filled out to restore the PIN code
  • Upon request, the old PIN code is deleted
  • Creates a new PIN code through the POS-terminal provided by the Operator

The service fee for PIN Reset is 3 AZN.

How can I block my card?

The card can be blocked in the following ways:

  • From Yelo Mobile App
  • Contacting the information center (981)
  • Come to the branch
  • By contacting 24/7 Azericard Customer Service Center (194; 012 598 46 97; only for international calls - 050 225 28 00)

Opportunity to earn more cashback every month in the categories you choose

  • Filling stations

    4% cashback
  • Cafes and Restaurants

    4% cashback
  • Clothing Stores

    4% cashback
  • Markets and supermarkets

    2% cashback
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  • 3

    Enjoy using the card

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