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With this yellow card you will earn!

  • 5% cashback in selected categories

  • Free delivery to your address

  • 4% (AZN) per annum to card account balance*

  • Price: 5 years - 15 AZN

  • Cashback up to 30% from partners

High cashback options

Earn high cashback from 3 different categories for the selected card every month!



High cashback in all supermarkets



High cashback on all clothing stores


Gas station

High cashback at all petrol stations


Cafes and Restaurants

High cashback in all cafes and restaurants



High cashback on all electronics stores



High cashback at all pharmacies

Additional Information

With a debit card, you can conveniently shop, make online payments, use restaurants, tickets and other services, or easily cash out in any country in the world. You can also set the debit card password using the online pin set service. To avail these benefits and more, you can order a debit card using the order form below.

* The calculation limit for income on account is up to 10,000 AZN for the customer's account.

Yelo Light


Delivery and Payment

How do you want to pay?

Enter the first 6 digits of the card you will pay with

  • Card type

  • Currency

  • Name Surname

  • Payment method

  • FIN

  • Final payable amount

    Initial top-up amount

  • Mobile number

  • Card term

  • Secret word

  • Payment type

  • Delivery address


Enter the sent OTP

A one-time password has been sent to the mobile number


00 : {{timer}} Resend password

Payment procedure with the terminal

With any MilliÖn, eManat, Yelo Bank payment terminal

  1. Select "Yelo Bank" in the terminal
  2. Select Individuals > Current account deposit sequence
  3. Enter the order code and FIN sent by SMS
  4. Enter the amount specified in the SMS into the terminal

If the payment is successful, an SMS will be sent soon to inform you that the card is ready.

Successful payment

Please download the Yelo app to track your order


What is PIN Code?

Köhnə nəsil Ş/V
Yeni nəsil Ş/V


What are the limits on the card?

To improve the security of card transactions, the bank sets transaction limits. The restrictions look like this:

  • From the Yelo mobile app
  • Cash withdrawal limit at ATM and POS-terminal
  • Card top-up limit
  • Limit applied to POS payments (contact and contactless)
  • Restriction for online payments
  • Restriction applied to card-to-card transfers

Taking into account the higher risks of fraud in the countries included in the risk zone of the bank's current tariffs, the bank applied lower limits on transactions with payment cards in these countries.

You can get acquainted with the current limits in the Tariffs section.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

To make card transactions more secure, the bank applies limits to card transactions. If a payment card is lost or stolen, we recommend blocking the card for the safety of funds and your own convenience. It is possible to block the card in the following ways:

  • From the Yelo mobile app
  • By contacting the information center (981)
  • Approaching the branch
  • By contacting the 24/7 Azericard Customer Service Center (194; only for international calls: +99450 225 28 00)

If a lost or stolen card has been blocked, but transactions have already been made with that card, in this case, it is necessary to apply to the bank. The issue will be investigated through the Chargeback service and, if possible, a refund will be issued.

I entered my PIN code wrong 3 times and my card was blocked. What should I do?

If the card is blocked due to incorrect PIN code entry 3 times, you can unblock it in the following ways:

  • Free with the Yelo App
  • By contacting the information center (981)
  • Approaching the branch
  • By contacting the 24-hour Azericard Customer Service Center (194; only for international calls: 012 598 46 97)

If you have forgotten the PIN-code of the card, in this case, you can use the banking service Reset PIN-code by contacting the branch (service cost 3 AZN).

I have forgotten the PIN code of my card. What should I do in this case?

To set a PIN-code, you can use the Reset PIN-code service at the POS-terminal in any branch. The PIN reset service is used as follows:

  • From the Yelo mobile app
  • A special application form for recovering a PIN code is filled out
  • Old PIN removed upon request
  • Generates a new PIN through a POS terminal provided by the operator

The cost of the PIN code reset service is 3 AZN

How can I block my card?

You can block a card in the following ways:

  • From the Yelo mobile app
  • By contacting the information center (981)
  • Approaching the branch
  • By contacting the 24-hour Azericard Customer Service Center (194; 012 598 46 97; for international calls only - 050 225 28 00)

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