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Safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes are the best way to be protected against robbery, fire and similar cases.

In the safe deposit box, you can store documents, securities, money, jewelry, various collections and other valuable items. It is enough to fill out an application and provide an identification card to use the service. You will have the right to unlimited use of the rented safe during the entire service period.

  • Low rates
  • High security
  • Ability to use a safe deposit box by proxy
  • Ensuring complete confidentiality of the contents of the safe and its owner.
  • 24-hour professional protection of safes equipped with alarm and fire protection systems.

Savings cells are available at the Central Branch and are intended for individuals. The rates and sizes of deposit cells are as follows:

  Sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes ( height * width * depth ) 

1 month

3 month

6 month

12 month                 


Penalty** (key loss)

       Small (11sm x 23sm x 42sm)

20 AZN      

50 AZN     

90 AZN     

170 AZN   

20 AZN  

100 AZN

       Medium (16.5sm x 23sm x 42sm) 

30 AZN

80 AZN

150 AZN

280 AZN      

30 AZN

       Large (36.5sm x 23sm x 42sm)

50 AZN

140 AZN

260 AZN

500 AZN  

50 AZN

*This rate applies to months used beyond the set period.

**In case of loss of one or both of the 2 keys provided to the client, a fine must be paid.

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