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In the Yelo app online loan ordering and many benefits await you. Yelo App gives you the opportunity to get an urgent cash loan completely online without visiting the bank.

FİFD min. 14%, maks. 23%

Applying for a loan online just got easier. Now you can order a loan online without leaving your seat. To order, first of all, you need to enter your monthly salary and the desired loan amount, and then other necessary information (name, surname, place of work and contact phone number).

Now you can get a loan from Yelo Bank very easily and quickly. Download the Yelo app now and get a bank loan quickly. Take the opportunity to get a loan without leaving your home by ordering a loan online with the most favorable conditions and a low interest rate! Our online consumer loan ordering service is active. In addition, we are ready to support our clients with our products Loan secured by real estate, Loan secured by a deposit or Mortgage loan.

For other types of loans, please visit the Yelo Bank website. You can apply for any online loan order through our bank's social networks and other communication channels. If you need an urgent loan, you can be sure that your online loan application will be answered promptly.

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