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Documentary operations

Letter of credit

It’s an agreement that provides the seller with payment of the amount specified in the letter of credit in accordance with the buyer's instructions in exchange for the seller's fulfillment of the terms of the letter of credit.




Covered– 0.2% (min. 100 AZN)
Non-covered – 0.5% (min. 250 AZN)

Advise of  a letter of credit

0.1% (min. 50 - max. 500 AZN)


0.1% (min 100 AZN)

Payment for a letter of credit

0.15% (min 50 AZN)

Acceptance and verification of documents on a letter of credit

0.1%, (min. 50 AZN)


100 AZN

Amendments to a letter of credit

100 AZN (for each change)

Change in the amount


0.1% (min. 50 AZN)

Transfer of funds

0.1%  (min. 50 - max. 500 AZN)

Transferred a letter of credit

0.1% (min. 50 - max. 500 AZN)


It is a written guarantee that the Bank will make a payment in exchange for the submission of the documents specified in the terms of the guarantee.

Services Tariffs
Advanced payment and executive guarantees 3% per annum (min. 1%  of the guarantee amount)

Tender guarantees

100 AZN for review +  1.5 - 1.7% (all at once)

Changing text conditions (in case of risk increasing)

100 AZN

Zeroing of the guarantee

Free of charge

Letter of advice

0.2% (min. 100 AZN + with bank confirmation)

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