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Mobile POS

Mobile POS is a service that enables contactless payment acceptance on mobile devices. Regardless of turnover and without any deposit requirement, entrepreneurs can convert their smartphone or tablet into a POS terminal. The device must operate on the Android operating system and support NFC. This service is primarily intended for small business owners (coffee shops, сourier services, flower shops, kiosks, boutiques, etc.). Entrepreneurs can accept payments anytime, anywhere. Easy interface and quick setup simplify the sales process for the entrepreneur. The service also encourages an increase in the entrepreneur's cashless turnover.


•           Free service registration
•           No turnover requirements
•           No fees for account opening
•           A business card gifted to the entrepreneur
•           No bank commission is charged when cashing out from a business card or current account

Entrepreneurs who will join this service until 31.07.2024 will not pay any commission for transactions through Mobile POS during the next 3 months.

Steps to activate Yelo Bank Mobile POS service:

Step 1: Downloading the TapXphone app
Download the TapXphone app via the Google Play Store on an Android phone that supports NFC.

Step 2: Bank selection
Select Yelo Bank from the list of partners in the application.

Step 3: Downloading the Yelo Mobile POS app
Download the Yelo Mobile POS app from Google Play Store.

Step 4: Entering login information
Enter your mobile number in the login and password fields.

Step 5: Obtaining the activation code and terminal activation code
The activation code of the device and the activation code of the Terminal are sent by SMS to the mobile number you registered.

Step 6: Enter codes and set a new password
Note down both received codes and enter them in the appropriate places in the application and set your new password.

Step 7: Preparing the device for use
After completing all the steps, your device is ready for use.

Making payment:
Enter the amount you will receive from your customer in the appropriate space in the application. Hold the customer's card or other NFC-enabled payment device close to the back of your phone that supports the NFC module and complete the payment.


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