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Which banks lend money with a single identity card?

What documents should you take with you to apply to the bank? We always carry the ID card with us. To get information about the services of Yelo Bank, as well as to be able to get any type of loan you are looking for, it is enough to come to the branch with your ID card. You are not required to bring any other physical documents.

Yelo Bank, which provides credit conditions suitable to your budget, offers consumer and real estate mortgage loans at low interest rates upon presentation of an ID card. In addition, you can get a loan with a Deposit guarantee by presenting a document confirming a single identity card. Check out our Loans category to learn more about loan terms.

Yelo Bank offers various loans by providing credit conditions suitable for your budget. So, you can easily get consumer and real estate mortgage loans at low interest rates and by presenting a single ID as a document. In addition, Yelo Bank gives you the opportunity to get a deposit loan just by presenting your identity card.

You don't need to postpone your expenses anymore. With Yelo Bank's favorable loan conditions and interest rates, you can get the amount you need in as little as 7 minutes. Consumer loan with minimum interest rate and funds up to 30,000 manat is the type of loan that will meet your needs.

You can visit the Loans section of our website or visit our nearest branch to get acquainted with the loan, mortgage loan and other loan types and conditions. Yelo Bank employees are always ready to provide detailed information about loans.

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